Startup Services

Elegant, budget concious solutions for startups and greenfield projects.


Liquid Labs will handle technology and policy for you. We will work with you to understand your vision and then build and operate your web and mobile applications. In addition, we will manage your technical infrastructure, oversee all technical personnel, look after technical and physical security, and provide a comprehensive baseline company policy.


We take equity.

In order to keep your out of pockets costs low, and because we believe in startups, overall cost is typically divided between cash and equity. The baseline division is 50/50, though final proportions are determined on a project-by-project basis.

Total cash: $40-80K.

Final cost is determined after completing an initial specification and generally falls between $40K-80K in cash and another $40-80K in equity. A very simple project may run much less, and a very large, complex project can cost much more.

Timeline & Process


We set up or review your basic company infrastructure: website, email, CRM, etc.


We work to understand the product vision and context in order to create the initial product specification. This typically takes 1-2 weeks.


During development, the mantra is release early and often. You can typically log into something on day one, and from there we steadily add features according to the jointly developed product plan.


Together, we iterate the specification and plan. This is a startup, so of course we'll need to refine and modify our plan.


The 'minimum viable product' (MVP) is released to a limited number of friendly users. Feedback is key, so we try to get something released in the wild within 2-4 months for the typical project.

Final Push

The user feedback is used for one last major update to the plan. We're now set for the home stretch, and focus begins to shift to testing and slowly expanding the user base.


The product spec is fulfilled and the app(s) are released to the general public.


After release, we continue to support and iterate the product, as well as fine tune company process for 2-6 months.


Once things are stable and humming along nicely, we evaluate what makes going forward. Liquid Labs may continue to provide exclusive ongoing development and operational management, or we may assist you in hiring and training long term resources, or something in between.

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